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Nevada Elks Veterans List

The NSEA is proud to present the following Nevada Elks whom have so bravely served in our Armed Forces
protecting the freedom we so much enjoy!

Please send an email to the NSEA Webmaster and let us know who you are, what Nevada Lodge you are a member of as well as the rest of the pertinent information such as Branch of Service, Rank and Years Served. We will make every effort to keep this page updated as you send us your information.     Thanks!

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Boulder City Lodge #1682

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Ernest L. Aaberge Boulder City      
Serapio Andrade Boulder City      
Matthew Ashe Boulder City      
Dennis Bim Boulder City      
Robert 'Bob' Bingham Boulder City US Air Force Tsgt 1962-1974
Gerald D. Brazle Boulder City      
Duane F.Briggs Boulder City      
Michael Brown Boulder City      
Edward Stanley Butler Boulder City      
Thomas Caddoo Boulder City      
Robert Celum Boulder City      
Albert Closi Boulder City      
Bob Conrad Boulder City      
Roger Cooper Boulder City      
Bill Coy Boulder City      
Michael D. Davidchik Boulder City      
Donald Doeckel Boulder City      
Frank L. Dudenhofer Boulder City      
Lawrence A. Eccles Boulder City      
Kyle Finken Boulder City      
Dan A. Fox Boulder City      
Lynn Denise Furio Boulder City      
Ronald F. Girard Boulder City US Navy E6 56-58, 63-81
Walter Graham Boulder City      
Gale Greterman Boulder City      
Allan Griefer Boulder City      
Daniel P. Heater Boulder City      
Kurt Heinrick Boulder City      
Francis K. Ivey Jr. Boulder City      
Brian A. Knievel Boulder City      
Akira Kosuge Boulder City      
Dennis Lavey Boulder City      
Michael R. Lucas Boulder City      
John Maholick Boulder City      
Michael Malone Jr. Boulder City      
Merritt Mead Boulder City      
David J. L. Miller Boulder City      
Craig S. Mooney Boulder City      
Robert E. Morwick Boulder City      
Robert 'Bob' Pester Boulder City US Air Force Major 1972-1985
Garth Phillips Boulder City US Army SP4 1959-1962
Robert Guy Platts Boulder City      
Patrick M. Schneider Boulder City      
John G. Schommer Boulder City      
Anthony Scott Boulder City      
Robert K. Shawhan Boulder City      
Colin A Smith Boulder City      
John I Strasner Boulder City      
Howard Tindall Boulder City      
Barry Ware Boulder City      

Carson City Lodge #2177

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Fred L. Atkinson Carson City      
Edward W. Bartlet Carson City      
Daniel L. Bowers Carson City      
Ron J. Bowman Carson City      
Ronald K. Buder Carson City      
Albert W. Bye Carson City US Army SP4 1963-1965
Skip Cannady Carson City      
Thomas S. Chaney Carson City      
Mel Cooper Carson City      
Duane A. Cross Carson City      
Robert Crowder Carson City      
Dr. Robert W. Curtis Carson City      
George H. Fabrizius Carson City      
Robert T. Flaherty Carson City      
Jin J. Harper Carson City      
Bill T. Kell Carson City      
Thomas J. Livoti Carson City      
Thomas Mc Cluskey Carson City      
Robert J. Moore Carson City      
William G. Patterson Carson City      
Ed Rathbun Carson City      
Gen A. Rose Carson City      
William G. Schafer Jr. Carson City      
Bob Surey Carson City      
Dave Weatherby Carson City      
Wayne Willson Carson City      

Ely Lodge #1469

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
George John Allen Ely      
Robert O. Bartlett Ely      
Sid Beckwith Ely      
Dave Berky Ely      
Henry Blair Ely      
Daniel E. Cornutt Ely      
Kenneth Curto Ely US Navy   1966-1970
James A. Czaplewski Ely      
Chris Dailey Ely      
Romolo Dicianno Ely      
Douglas L. Doutre Ely      
Lee Epperson Ely      
Gentry P. Etcheverry Ely      
John C. Ferrari Ely      
Arvis Harding Ely      
Arlie G. Henery Ely      
Dayle G. Johnson Ely      
Ward S.Jones Ely      
Michael F. Kneese Ely      
Ronald W. Kozak Ely      
Alan Lafferty Ely      
Frank Latta; Ely      
Charles Duane Lerch Ely      
Eler T. Mallard Ely      
Robert N. Marcum Ely      
Jerry R. Martin Ely      
Richard J. Maus Ely      
Neil McKnight Ely      
William Noah Ely      
Joseph Omar Ely      
William A. Romeo Ely      
Bernie Romero Ely      
Claude J. Rose Ely      
Ross Sanborn Ely      
Wayne E. Sevon Ely      
Brian Stanello; Ely      
Patrick C. Stevens Ely      
Ronald Taylor Ely      
Donald Wallis Ely      
Kenneth D. White Ely      
Wallace R. White Ely      
Mike Zigich Ely      

Fallon Lodge #2239

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Robert Allen Fallon      
Denny Anderson Fallon      
Allen Bain Fallon      
Ted A. Balash Fallon US Air Force Lt. Colonel
Gary L. Butori Fallon      
Louis Carrica Fallon      
Sue Catlin Fallon US Army    
Kenneth Catlin Jr. Fallon US Navy    
Kenneth Catlin III Fallon US Navy    
Donald Coleman Fallon      
Bien Decena Fallon      
Clifford Farsji Fallon      
James Foster Fallon      
William Frank Fallon      
Richard Giebitz Fallon      
Jerry W. Goodman Fallon      
John Gordon Fallon      
Glenn R Gray Fallon      
Dennis Hansberry Fallon      
Kenneth McConwell Fallon      
Jeanette Rae Fallon      
JRobert W. Roach Fallon      
George Shaw Fallon      
Michael Tracey Fallon      
Henry Trujillo Fallon      
William Walzer Fallon      

Great Basin Lodge #1472

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Robert B. Buzzetti Great Basin      
Ray Gardner Great Basin      
Walter L. O'Brien Great Basin      
Eugene Olson Great Basin      
Larry Rackley Great Basin US Coast Guard    

Hawthorne Lodge #1704

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
William 'Bill' H. Abbott Hawthorne US Navy E-4 1965-1968
Leo M. Baker Hawthorne      
Roger L. Banta Hawthorne      
Joseph 'Joe' F. Beard Hawthorne US Marine Corps Major 1959-1988
Elbert H. Bergmans Hawthorne      
Larry Black Hawthorne      
William J. Booth Hawthorne      
John C. Bradshaw Hawthorne      
Paul M. Broughton Hawthorne      
James M. Burke Hawthorne      
Benjamin F. Busby Hawthorne      
Martin Busby Hawthorne      
Martin B. Busby Jr. Hawthorne      
James C. Cain Hawthorne      
Gerald R. Cannon Hawthorne      
Kenneth G. Carrothers Hawthorne US Ait Force T/Sgt (E-6) 1979-1993
David Collier Hawthorne      
John G. 'Jerry' Cunningham Hawthorne US Navy AOC 1943-1966
Donald A. De Crona Hawthorne      
Donald R. Dockrey Hawthorne US Marine Corps Capt 1965-1987
Jacqueline Bryson Edwards Hawthorne US Navy / Air Force E-3 / S/Sgt (E-5) 73-74 / 75-79
Edward N. Engel Hawthorne      
Joseph D. Evans Hawthorne      
James 'Jr' E. Ewing Hawthorne US Army Lt. Colonel 69-73, 78-98
James E. Fairfield Hawthorne      
Leonard L. Fontes Hawthorne      
Byron 'BJ' Foaster Hawthorne      
W. B. 'Wally' Francis Hawthorne      
Thomas Gallegos Hawthorne      
Col Gregory K. Gibbons Hawthorne   Col  
Darrell F. Gibson Hawthorne      
Charles S. Godwin Hawthorne      
Mathew L. Goodrich Hawthorne      
George L. Haas Hawthorne      
Stewart Handte Hawthorne      
Glen K. Haynie Hawthorne US Army S/Sgt (E-6) 1998-Present
Patrick K. Hill Hawthorne      
John Ingle Hawthorne      
Curtis Isom Hawthorne      
Rex 'Woody' Isom Hawthorne      
Rick Isom Hawthorne      
Harvey L. Jacobsen Hawthorne      
Robert P. Jenkins Hawthorne      
Carl M. Kalie Hawthorne      
Wayne A. Kichenmaster Hawthorne US Air Force T/Sgt (E-6) 1959-1979
Eugene J. Knarreborg Hawthorne      
Eugene J. Kunzi Hawthorne      
Harry D. Larson Hawthorne      
Charles 'Bud' L. Lemmond Hawthorne US Navy HMI 1947-1967
Charles K. Lemmond Hawthorne      
Donald L. Linninger Hawthorne US Army Corporal 1942-1946
David E. Littlejohn Hawthorne      
Gerald M. Logan Hawthorne      
Robert C. Lybarger Hawthorne      
Jeffery B. Magargee Hawthorne      
Don L. Martin Hawthorne US Army Sergeant 1953-1955
Tilden C. 'TC' Martin Hawthorne US Army SP4 1960-1962
Gleen E. Matthews Hawthorne      
Robert M. McGee Hawthorne US Air Force Master Sergeant 1954-1980
Ollie M. McIntosh Hawthorne      
Ben Miller Hawthorne      
Robert M. Miller Hawthorne      
Freeman L. Moore Hawthorne      
Bruce M. Morris Hawthorne      
Gary C. Myers Hawthorne      
Billy Joe Nelson Hawthorne      
Wayne E. Nunnenkamp Hawthorne      
Clifford E. Parks Hawthorne      
Leslie W. Parsons Hawthorne      
Ralph Scott Patterson Hawthorne      
James B. Pellham Hawthorne      
Stanley J. Peloza Hawthorne      
Earl W. Perry Hawthorne      
Willow J. Phillips Hawthorne      
Calvin E. Pletzer Hawthorne US Navy SM2 (E-5) 1959-1970
Kirk Plotts Hawthorne      
Garfield Ed Pontious Hawthorne      
Eugene S. 'Gene' Presnell Hawthorne US Army SSG (E-6) 1964-1972
Donald Putyra Hawthorne      
John J. Rebottaro Hawthorne      
Wallis W. Richman Hawthorne      
Arvid B. Schnackenberg Hawthorne US Air Force SM Sgt 1947-1969
Terry Schneider Hawthorne      
Christopher J. Schultz Hawthorne      
Kenneth C. Shane Hawthorne      
Leonard M. Shields Hawthorne US Marine Corps 1st Sgt (E-8) 1954-1974
Craig Short Hawthorne   Col  
Art Silva Hawthorne      
Donald R. Smith Hawthorne      
Kenneth H. Smith Hawthorne      
Mr Strider Hawthorne US Air Force E-3 1960-1961
John W. Stroud (Diamond One) Hawthorne US Air Force M/Sgt/1st Sgt 1976-1997
James W. Utterback Hawthorne      
Don R. 'Gunner' Vaden Hawthorne US Navy LCMR(LDO)O4 1958-1984
Nelson Wasserman Hawthorne US Army SFC (E-7) 1962-1983
Tom R. Watkins Hawthorne      
Robert E. Weaver Hawthorne      
Henry H. Whitaker Hawthorne US Army SP5 1957-1959
James R. 'Whitey' Williams Hawthorne US Air Force S/Sgt 2001-Present
David L. Wilson Hawthorne US Air Force SM Sgt 1956-1982
Ronald M. Wilson Hawthorne      
Robert 'Kent' Wofford Hawthorne US Air Force A1C 1963-1967
Robert H. Young Hawthorne      
Dorwin Zurigen Hawthorne      

Henderson/Green Valley Lodge #2802

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Eugene Altobella Henderson/Green Valley      
Dennis L. Augspurger Henderson/Green Valley      
Donald R. Bales Henderson/Green Valley      
Alfonso Jose Barba Henderson/Green Valley      
John "Mike" M. Barden Henderson/Green Valley US Navy Reserve PO 3rd Class 1971-1974
Kenneth E. Bazar Henderson/Green Valley US Navy/Navy Reserve E-5/E-9 (BMC) 1959-1989
Dave J. Betley Henderson/Green Valley National Guard Staff Sgt 6 Years
Roger L. Branson Henderson/Green Valley US Airborne E-5 3 Years
Lester Burgwardt Henderson/Green Valley US Navy/Army MSgt 22 Years
David L. Cartier Henderson/Green Valley      
Alfred Christian Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Not Provided Not Provided
Howard 'Clint' L. Courtney III Henderson/Green Valley US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. 1955-1979
Robin E. Davidson Henderson/Green Valley US Army SP4 3 Years
Leonard R. Dumph Henderson/Green Valley US Army SP4 2yrs-3mo
Kenneth Ray Ellis Henderson/Green Valley      
Phillip Gibbs Henderson/Green Valley US Army SP4 1956-1959
Tom Guthrie Henderson/Green Valley      
Loran R. Hahn Henderson/Green Valley US Marine Corps Sgt (E-5) 1962-1966
Warren Halvorson Henderson/Green Valley US Army / US Air Force Sgt (E-7)  
John Hilton Henderson/Green Valley      
Joseph M. Jones Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Airman 1st Class 4 Years
Ronald T. Jones Henderson/Green Valley US Navy E-4 3 Years
William Karn Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Chief Master Sgt 1957-1984
Randal Kasamoto Henderson/Green Valley      
Peter Kersten Henderson/Green Valley      
Donald R. Koppenhaver Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Staff Sgt. (E-5) 3yr-9mo
Frank W.Kubernach Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force E7  
Kate Kubernach Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force E7  
Martin T. Levy Henderson/Green Valley      
Dennis B. Little Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force   2 Years
Mark Lower Henderson/Green Valley      
Douglas Matheson Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Sgt. 8 Years
Chuck McDonald Henderson/Green Valley US Army PFC (E-3) 6 Years
Franklin Z. Morehead Henderson/Green Valley US Navy MMC (E-7) 1951-1971
Foster A. Morgan Henderson/Green Valley US Army SP4 2 Years
Sharon M. Ramis Henderson/Green Valley      
Norman Kenneth Reed Henderson/Green Valley      
Dan Rivers Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Reserve Staff Sgt.(E-5) 7 Years
Clifford C. Robotham Jr. Henderson/Green Valley      
Donald G. Rogers Henderson/Green Valley US Army SP4 1960-1962
Thomas E. Rowland Henderson/Green Valley      
Steve L. Schmitz Henderson/Green Valley US Navy SFP-3 4 Years
Fredrick D. Scharder Henderson/Green Valley      
Karl Schultz Henderson/Green Valley      
John E Scott II Henderson/Green Valley US Army Reserve Lt. Colonel 30 Years
James F. Smith Henderson/Green Valley US Navy ET2 (E-5) 6
James D. Smith Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force MSgt (E-7) 26
Thomas A. Smith Henderson/Green Valley      
John C. Stevens Henderson/Green Valley US Air Force Major 1962-1983
Gary C. Urbantke Henderson/Green Valley      
James Weis Henderson/Green Valley US Army    
Kevin Drake Weis Henderson/Green Valley US Army    
Mac F. Wilson Henderson/Green Valley      

Laughlin Lodge #2872

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Dan K. Abel Laughlin      
Zay Hubbard Laughlin      

Las Vegas Lodge #1468

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Gary Freguson Las Vegas      
Ivan Pato Las Vegas      
Wayne L. Riley Las Vegas      
Richard C. Salaz Las Vegas      
Ira J. Schab Jr. Las Vegas      
William R. Seals Las Vegas US Army S/Sgt. 1953-1955
Pete Urdiales, Jr. Las Vegas US Marine Corps 1st Sgt (E-8) 1948-1972
Neal Van Acker Las Vegas      
Lee T. Wagner Las Vegas      

Mesquite Lodge #2811

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Arthur Adams Mesquite      
Harry David Alleman Mesquite      
Gary Arnold Mesquite US Marine Corps    
Bruce Barber Mesquite      
Cody Bargel Mesquite      
Gerald D. Barton Mesquite US Navy    
Ronald D. Bodrero Mesquite      
Richard Booth Mesquite      
William T. Boyd Mesquite US Air Force S/Sgt 1950-1954
Larry Britton Mesquite US Army    
Delbert Brown Mesquite      
Randy Clifford Bunnell Mesquite      
Brent Cahoon Mesquite      
Charles E. Cape Mesquite      
Michael Carnahan Mesquite      
Robert A. Chaney Mesquite US Navy    
John J. Comfort Mesquite      
Wallace Cook Mesquite      
Dan Davila Mesquite      
Fred A. Davison Mesquite      
Russell E. Deakin Mesquite      
Steven Dickson Mesquite      
Marvin Dielmann Mesquite      
Nick Doutis Mesquite US Marine Corps    
Robert Downing Mesquite      
Gil Dryrness Mesquite US Air Force/US Army    
Darrell Edwards Mesquite      
Harold 'Harry' Eubanks Mesquite      
James E. Farley Mesquite      
Duane Farmer Mesquite      
William I. Ferro Mesquite      
Herbert C. Forchemer Mesquite      
Charles Foust Mesquite US Army    
Judith I. Freese Mesquite      
Frank Garcia Mesquite US Marine Corps    
Roger Earl Gessell Mesquite US Army    
Paul Eugene Godbout Mesquite      
Larry Green Mesquite      
Larry Guntle Mesquite      
Shawn J. Haggstrom Mesquite      
James T. Hammit Mesquite      
Everett 'Tony' Hardway Mesquite US Air Force SMSgt (E-8) 1948-1978
Richard Hawes Mesquite      
William 'Bill' W. Heiter Mesquite US Navy LCDR (Pilot) 1968-1978
Kathy Heiter Mesquite US Navy Reserve Capt (Nurse) 1976-2002
Harold Henson Mesquite      
Brian HoleCheck Mesquite US Marine Corps    
Cliff Holliday Mesquite US Army    
Cecil Glenn Hood Mesquite      
Tom Hopkins Mesquite US Air Force E-4 1963-1967
Les Hubble Mesquite US Army E-4 1989-2005
Ralph Huffman Mesquite US Coast Guard    
William Inman Mesquite US Army    
Thomas W. Jackson Mesquite      
M.J. James Mesquite US Army    
Clifford L. Jenkins Mesquite      
James K. Johnson Mesquite      
Robert C. Johnson Mesquite      
Roger Reid Johnson Mesquite      
Elmer Johnston Mesquite      
George E. 'Ted' Jones Mesquite      
James E Hayden Mesquite      
Mike Kelly Mesquite US Army    
Larry Knievel Mesquite US Army    
Philip A. Knutson Mesquite      
Charles Robert Kupfer Mesquite      
Walter S. Kuster Mesquite      
Larry Lapolice Mesquite      
Robert Lathrop Mesquite US Army    
Lionel Lofthouse Mesquite US Army    
William H. Lowery Mesquite      
John J. Lucero Mesquite      
James E. Lynch Mesquite US Army    
Clyde E. Mabury Mesquite      
Richard Mallgraf Mesquite      
Douglas E. Manfre Mesquite      
Thomas W. Mang Mesquite US Army SP4 1961-1963
Dwight A. Marshall Mesquite      
Don M. Mauk Mesquite      
Monte Mc Connell Mesquite      
Leo A. Mc Ginty, Jr. Mesquite      
Matt Mead Mesquite      
Duane Meissner Mesquite      
George Mikutowicz Mesquite      
Karl R. Milner Mesquite      
Travis Miner Mesquite US Air Force   1990
Richard Morgan Mesquite      
Donald W. Muse Mesquite      
Ronald A. O'Falt Mesquite      
Kenneth Olsen Mesquite      
Glen Paulsen Mesquite      
F.H. 'Butch' Pease Mesquite      
Philip Howard Petix Mesquite      
Ovid Pinchert Mesquite US Marine Corps   1966-1973
Edward Placencio Mesquite US Air Force    
Donald L. Quick Mesquite      
Joel Reilly Mesquite      
Ray Reimer Mesquite US Navy    
Richard Rennie Mesquite      
Bill Rice Mesquite US Marine Corps    
T.J. Richardson Mesquite US Marine Corps   1961-1972
Milton L. Riley Mesquite      
Martin S. Rios Mesquite      
Jerry P. Roark Mesquite      
Troy A. Robb Mesquite      
Hector Robertin Mesquite      
Lawrence Roe Mesquite US Army    
Leroy Roger Roepke Mesquite      
Murray E. Rothenberger Mesquite      
Dominick 'Don' Sanford Mesquite      
Thomas Sanone Mesquite US Army E-5 1965-1970
Weaver James Schearer Mesquite      
Lyle Scovill Mesquite US Air Force   1962-1966
Robert Glean Shepherd Mesquite      
George Shuput Mesquite      
Sandi Sorenson Mesquite      
Robert E. Sorrell Mesquite      
William R. Spence Mesquite      
Kenneth Spicer Mesquite      
Harold Straley Mesquite US Marine Corps    
William L. Terry Mesquite Us Army    
Robert J. Thom Mesquite      
John P. Thomas Mesquite US Marine Corps    
Charles N. Thompson Mesquite US Marine Corps   1967-1973
William E. Warner Mesquite      
William A. Wells Mesquite US Air Force    
Randall D. Whitney Mesquite      
Michael Wilcox Mesquite US Army E-5 1969-1972
Craig Wilde Mesquite      
Richard G. Williams Mesquite 82nd Airborne   1958-1962
Kenneth Winkler Mesquite      
Jim Winters Mesquite US Army    
W.G. 'Geno' Withelder Mesquite      
William H. Wolfe Mesquite      
Jason Daniel Wright Mesquite      
Craig Wylie Mesquite      
Douglas Young Mesquite      
Charles L. Zahm, Sr. Mesquite US Navy    

North Las Vegas Lodge #2353

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Daniel S. Allsbrook North Las Vegas      
Richard Benoit North Las Vegas      
David Bottero North Las Vegas      
Charles W. Brinker North Las Vegas      
Ray Calmer North Las Vegas      
Hugh E. Chase North Las Vegas      
Kenzie L. Constantine North Las Vegas      
Basil Ray Deem North Las Vegas US Air Force Master Sergeant 20 Years
James R. Doyle North Las Vegas US Air Force    
Robert Fain North Las Vegas      
David G. Hamaker North Las Vegas      
Jon P. Hoolihan North Las Vegas      
Eugene Hummer North Las Vegas      
Eugene L. Kinnee North Las Vegas      
Marc S. Lancaster North Las Vegas US Navy E-4 1959-1962
James A. Likely North Las Vegas      
Henry Little North Las Vegas      
Donald E. Lizotte North Las Vegas      
James P. Martin North Las Vegas      
Alfred E. 'Gene' Marvin North Las Vegas US Marine Corps Corporal (E-4) 1946-1952
John R. McClain North Las Vegas      
Ronald McGill North Las Vegas      
James A. Menagh Jr. North Las Vegas      
Marvin R. Miller North Las Vegas      
George Montgomery North Las Vegas US Navy E-4 1961-1966
Larry O'Laughlin North Las Vegas US Marine Corps Major 1951-1976
Robert E. Prichett North Las Vegas      
Paul D. Quatermass North Las Vegas      
Tom Reichenbach North Las Vegas US Army    
Cyrus K. Stewart North Las Vegas      
Donald K. Tait North Las Vegas      
Terry Travelstead North Las Vegas US Marine Corps Corporal (E-4) 1976-1981
Perry R. Webb North Las Vegas      

Pahrump Lodge #2796

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Arthure J. Adams Pahrump      
Jerry L. Allegretta Pahrump      
Robert John Allen Pahrump      
Monigue Allen Pahrump      
Ray Altom Pahrump      
Leonard Anderson Pahrump      
Erich Arnold Pahrump      
Thomas R. Bartram Pahrump      
Frederick Beeman Pahrump      
Dave Brechbiel Pahrump      
Dale M. Bystedt Pahrump      
Jerald G. Caha Pahrump      
Charles E. Carter Pahrump      
Ralph Z. Coley Pahrump      
Daniel Daugherty; Pahrump      
Robert E.Feener Pahrump      
Renford G. Glover Pahrump      
D. F. Hackett Pahrump      
Bill Hall Pahrump      
Frederick M. Hall Pahrump      
Charles R. Hickstein Pahrump      
Robert L. Hill Pahrump      
Darrell R. Hoffman Pahrump      
Brian H. Holecheck Pahrump      
Doris A. Jackson Pahrump      
Gary D. Jones Pahrump      
Charles D. Kauchy Pahrump      
Gerald W. Keeney; Pahrump      
Lonza Ray Langley Jr. Pahrump      
Robert J. MacKay Pahrump      
Carl C. Madsen Pahrump      
Angel Marrero Pahrump      
Art Mathias Pahrump      
Vern Moore Pahrump      
Larry J. Mullins Pahrump      
Floyd B. Neth Pahrump      
Warren E. Newcomer Pahrump      
Leslie E. Peterson; Pahrump      
Larry Pettit Pahrump      
Richard E. Pfeifer Pahrump      
Val Reynolds Pahrump      
Roy A. Rodgers Pahrump      
Robert Rogers Pahrump      
Leonard Sanchez; Pahrump      
Daryl E. Schach; Pahrump      
David C. Smith Pahrump      
Jackson T. Soffa Pahrump      
James Terrell Pahrump      
Kenneth Thomas Pahrump      
Edward Underhill Pahrump      
Richard Waite Pahrump      
Ron Warrick Pahrump      
Roderick E. Westlund Pahrump      
Charles E. White Pahrump      
Curtis R. Whitney Pahrump      
Donald J. Withrow Pahrump      

Reno Lodge #597

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Donald Barnard Reno US Navy-CBs 3/C 1945-1946
Ahhan Barnes Reno US Army E-9 1959-1988
Joseph Beilke Reno US Navy E-6 1988-1998
Mary Bonnell Reno US Navy Res E-7 1979-1999
Don Bonnell Reno US Navy E-9 1954-1979
Dietrich Boskie Reno US Army Spec 5 1966-1969
Ed Brodoski Reno US Navy E-6 1945-1964
George Butorac Reno US Army E-4 1955-1957
Keith Cale Reno US Air Force   1950-1953
John Diamond Reno US Navy E-4 1960-1970
Feryl Fitzgerald Reno US Army E-5 1961-1964
Paul Gallo Reno US Navy   1943-1945
Dicker Gay Reno US Army E-4 1958-1961
Don Ghen Reno US Army   1956-1958
George Gurkovic Reno US Navy 2nd Class 1943-1946
Roy Hargrave Reno US Army NG / AF Res E-4 1954-1960
Cal Herrera Reno US Air Force   1956-1958
Jesse Hoch Reno US Navy    
Chuck Jeannes Reno US Navy Lt J9 1950-1957
B. V. Johnson Reno US Air Force Col (O-6) Fighter Pilot 1956-1986
Jacquesne Jones Reno US Marine Corps Capt 1966-1974
Tom Jutte Reno US Marine Corps E-5 1967-1971
Alvin Karrasch Reno Marines E-8 1961-1968
Richard King Reno US Navy SM C/C 1944-1946
Dave Kretchman Reno US Marine Corps E-3 1958-1962
Richard Lewis Reno US Navy E-4 1966-1969
Ronald Lienau Reno US Air Force 1st Lt 1953-1957
George McCulley Reno US Air Force Sgt S-4 1966-1969
Tom Messina Reno US Navy E-7 1968-1988
William Midtgard Reno US Navy PNE1 1967-1971
Robert Mohring Reno US Army Capt 1966-1969
Russell Montrovil Reno US Navy E-4 BT 1973-1977
Jim Mort Reno US Army E-4 1969-1971
Fred Mueller Reno US Army Pvt 1951-1953
Dennis Murphy Reno US Navy SR-3 1969-1969
Herbert Newell Reno US Navy   1945-1946
John Pederson Reno US Navy FC 3/C 1944-1946
William Peterson Reno US Navy Airman 1st 1951-1954
Paul Rasmussen Reno US Navy E-9 1961-1975
Robert Sheppard Reno US Navy E-5 1963-1967
Brian Soloki Reno US Navy CBs E-4 1963-1967
David Steel Reno US Air Force E-4 1971-1977
James H. Shirkey Reno US Navy 2nd Class Intercomm's Elec. 1953-1957
Richard Stone Reno US Air Force SMSgt (E-9) 1982-2012
Joe Teixeira Reno US Army E-9 1962-1992
Bill Toles Reno US Army E-2 1966-1967
Darwin Ward Reno US Army E-4 1956-1959
Lanar Whal Reno US Marine Corps E-5 1967-1971
Robert Willey Reno US Navy CTR2 1955-1959
Robert Woosley Reno US Navy Res E-4 1962-1968
Mary Frances Yancey Reno US Army E-4 1956-1959
Kim Young Reno US Marine Corps E-5 1971-1977

Sparks Lodge #2397

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Darrel W. Berends Sparks      
Edward Bray Sparks      
Randy Bruett Sparks      
Donald L. Capps Sparks      
Paul Capron Sparks      
Foster F. Clarke Sparks      
Lester A. Darby Sparks      
Bill Decarbonel Sparks      
Roger Eade Sparks      
Joseph R. Frushon Sparks US Air Force   1955-1982
James R. Gregg Sparks      
William G. Hammond Sparks      
Jimmie L. Haralson Sparks US Air Force   1958-1962
Christopher E. Harvey Sparks      
James A. Hefner Sparks      
Loren Hetzer Sparks      
Richard Holdeman Sparks      
Fred R. Kelly Sparks US Navy AG3 1954-1958
Tommy L. Lilley Sparks      
Samuel J. Lynch Sparks      
Thomas Martin Sparks      
William McGinley Sparks      
William G. Miller Sparks      
Wib Namestka Sparks      
Charles Parigini Sparks      
Vincent S. Pulti Sparks      
Lee H. Reed Sparks      
Valdo M. Renucci Sparks      
Ross G. Salomon Sparks      
Allan E. Schultz Sparks      
George C. Shaffer Sparks      
Frank C. Shields Sparks      
Terry D. Staples Sparks      
Stanley K. Stoll Sparks      

Tahoe/Douglas Lodge #2670

> > >
Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served
Charles S. Achard Tahoe/Douglas      
Charles Andy Anderson Tahoe/Douglas      
Robert Arnold Tahoe/Douglas      
Richard Bibbero Tahoe/Douglas      
Gerald D. Bing Jr. Tahoe/Douglas      
Kenneth Bryant Tahoe/Douglas      
Earl D. Capehart Tahoe/Douglas      
Steve R. Clark Tahoe/Douglas      
Walter Cooling Tahoe/Douglas      
Michael Corral Tahoe/Douglas      
Ray E. Cotham Jr. Tahoe/Douglas      
Theodore A. Demaegt Tahoe/Douglas      
Delbert Drager Tahoe/Douglas      
Charles E. Duvall Tahoe/Douglas      
Alan Eder Tahoe/Douglas      
John J. Filas Tahoe/Douglas      
Matthew E. Fisk Tahoe/Douglas      
Jerald L. Geohring Tahoe/Douglas      
Clarence B. Goodnight Tahoe/Douglas      
Anthony J. Grasso Tahoe/Douglas      
Richard Keith Hall Tahoe/Douglas      
Rudy R. Hammond Tahoe/Douglas US Marine Corps Sergeant 1954-1957
Charles S. Harris Tahoe/Douglas      
Jim Hineman Tahoe/Douglas      
Frank Hinmon Tahoe/Douglas      
Ramon W. 'Ray' Hoyt Tahoe/Douglas US Navy CWO4 1955-1987
Stan Kapler Tahoe/Douglas US Air Force    
Chuck Kriss Tahoe/Douglas      
Franklin H. Kuhn Tahoe/Douglas      
John Lang Tahoe/Douglas US Air Force   
Robert G. Lindberg Tahoe/Douglas US Army   WWII
Patrick Lord Tahoe/Douglas US Navy   1964-1968
John J. Louritt Tahoe/Douglas US Marine Corps   1966-1970
Calvin D. McGovern Tahoe/Douglas      
James Brooks Merlin Tahoe/Douglas      
William D. Mills Tahoe/Douglas US Navy   Korea
Rick A. Morec Tahoe/Douglas US Army SP5 1962-1965
James L. Norris Tahoe/Douglas      
Robert O'Berg Tahoe/Douglas US Army National Guard   
Michael E. O'Connell Tahoe/Douglas      
Myron A. Oetting Tahoe/Douglas      
Harry Papageorge Tahoe/Douglas      
James Neil Peddicord Tahoe/Douglas      
Barry William Penzel Tahoe/Douglas      
Constantine Poulos Tahoe/Douglas      
Richard Retterer Tahoe/Douglas      
Lawrence E. Sauer Tahoe/Douglas      
Carl Schnock Tahoe/Douglas      
Jim Schramm Tahoe/Douglas      
Paul W. Seymore Tahoe/Douglas      
Bill A. Shay Tahoe/Douglas      
Brad Sikes Tahoe/Douglas US Navy CWO2 1958-1980
Steve Simon Tahoe/Douglas      
Don S. Singer Tahoe/Douglas      
Randall P. Slater Tahoe/Douglas      
Michael D. Smith Tahoe/Douglas      
Garry Lee Sparks Tahoe/Douglas      
Anthony J. Spotts Tahoe/Douglas      
David M. Stephenson Tahoe/Douglas      
Douglas D. Struthers Tahoe/Douglas      
Daniel F. Sullivan Tahoe/Douglas      
Wesley H. Taylor Tahoe/Douglas      
Wilbur S. Thain Tahoe/Douglas      
Anthony Vaughn Tahoe/Douglas      
Scott J. Watts Tahoe/Douglas US Navy   1954-1958
Stanley Norman Weiss Tahoe/Douglas US Coast Guard/Navy Boatsman 2nd Class 1941-1953
Sandy Welch Tahoe/Douglas      
Danny Wells Tahoe/Douglas      
John G. White Tahoe/Douglas      
John W. Zemlock Tahoe/Douglas      

Tonopah Lodge #1062

Name Lodge Branch of Service Rank Years Served